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From the desk of Father José Castillo

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, With this dynamic of contrast, the theology of St. John of this passage, emblematic in all accounts, proposes a new religion and a new cult: worship in Spirit and truth. The Spirit will make known what worship makes sense: to know God and to worship Him as Father. But the Jews and the Samaritans do not worship precisely a God as Father, but a god that they themselves have created in their own wish and way; the god who justifies his hatreds and grudges.


That religion, which often remains in the dynamics of our current religions, is a counter-God and anti -gospel. Today, then, we can also learn much from an ecumenical point of view in the celebration of the Eucharist with this Gospel of St. John. That one does not pass from afar through the terrain, through the world or the life of the damned; To ask to give and offer happiness and true life in the name of the living God. it is the same as Christ's "religion." There are many challenges that this gospel narrates to us. The story shows us a Jesus who in this case is not a simple Jew, but The Logos of God, who speaks and dialogues with a woman (who represents the people with his syncretistic influences, but at the end of the day a woman)... who discovers something new that comes from God. And then everything changes... past stories are set aside, rules that tie the hearts and souls of religious people, and make it possible to discover God as a Father. Now ask yourself: Do you let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit to worship God in Spirit and in truth?


Note: My birthday is next March 19th. Thank you for your prayers. And if you plan to give me a little gift, I ask you to give it to me in cash, to give the deposit to buy my car in Colombia, where I will need it to commute. Put it in an envelope. Father José Castillo. Thank you.