From the desk of Father Miguel Romero

The Paraclete Announcement

As the Easter season comes to an end the biblical texts that the liturgy of the Word offer us, brings us closer and closer to the unfathomable and beautiful mystery of the Holy Spirit. It is the central theme of the first reading and the gospel. Meanwhile the Second reading of the Apostle Peter continues to show us facets of what it means to have "new life" and gives us clues on how to put into practice the wealth that we have received through faith and baptism. Which is like another way of speaking about the Holy Spirit, if you we think about it, because everything that is said about the Christian life is a dead letter or an impossible demand, if not the One who is "life of our life" and "soul of our soul," that is, the Spirit of God. In today's case, Peter exhorts us to defend what we believe, but more than with reasons, which are necessary, with meekness, respect, we would even say, love for the one who challenges us. Which makes a lot of sense: you cannot "defend" that you are a follower of the Crucified if you do not have the disposition to participate in some of your pain and humiliation. That is why we read today: "it is better to suffer doing good, if such is the will of God, than to suffer doing evil. ”


"They received the Holy Spirit"

Let's go back to the first reading. Its central point is the phrase at the end: “Peter and John they laid their hands on the Samaritans, and they received the Holy Ghost. " This gesture is repeated by the Church in a formal, solemn and effective way in the sacrament of Confirmation. As successor to the apostles, the bishop implores the action of the Holy Spirit, lay hands on them and pray over them.


"I will not leave you orphans"

Christ's compassion has no limits. It shows it once again in the evangelical passage that we have heard today. At the very doors of his painful Passion, Our Lord seems to disregard his own anguish, only concerned with what they may live and having to face yours. This ability of yours to postpone, to give oneself, to love "to the end"

Jn 13, 1 So he encourages them with soft words and gives the remedy before the wound arrives: "I will not leave you orphans," he tells them. That's right brothers, God loves us with unconditional love, let's get closer to Him to know how admirable his works are and his love for us. Let us not be carried away by passing illusions, but seek true love that God gives us.

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