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From the desk of Father Miguel Romero

Can a Christian Catholic celebrate Halloween? Dear brothers and sisters: As we approach certain secular celebrations we tend to fall into a great debate, this arises every year in the Church because there are certain questions about whether a Christian should celebrate a certain date or not, because of its origin and Symbols. This article offers a brief history of halloween and its meaning to the Christian. Halloween is traced to the Celtic samhain festival, which took place on October 31 of each year, marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The Celts believed that during that night all spiritual worlds collided and ghosts returned to torment the living. Rituals at this festival included the use of costumes, ceremonies to ward off spirits, and community priests made predictions about the future. In bonfire ceremonies, they sacrificed animals and fruits to their gods.


The celebration of samhain gradually changed due to the influences of the Roman Empire and eventually the Catholic Church for the 8th century wanting to Christianize the date, declared that the first day of November would be the day of all saints although the greatest though the greatest samhain's practices continued. The name halloween comes from the English phrase All hollow's eve meaning "visperas of all saints", halloween has been celebrated in the United States since colonial era. Seeing things that way doesn't look bad, but as satanas he's the king of deception because it makes us see that there's nothing wrong with the use of costumes on children and going out to ask for candy in the neighborhood.


However, the priest and exorcist Gabriel Amorth warns us that only by dressing up the children even if it is not of something grotesque they are already celebrating and being consecrated to the devil because it is the greatest feast for the devil. And all the Satanics make consecration in black masses of all the people who celebrate that day also that day rituals and sacrifices with innocent blood like babies that are aborted that day, on that day there are more murders, theft of children, people possessed or infested and it is not pure coincidence because in testimonies of ex Satans warn us of all the evil that day and all that they did to please the devil.


Please take care of our children by saying no to Halloween!!!