From the desk of Father Miguel Romero

Dear brothers and sisters, in the liturgy of the Word this Sunday we see that, both in the first reading and in the Gospel, the words of disappointment are clear. There is a trace of evident sadness in the prophet's exclamation: “What else could I do for my vineyard that I did not? Why, when I expected it to produce good grapes, did it give sour ones? " Sadness becomes a denunciation in the Gospel we hear this Sunday: “When the owner of the vineyard returns, what will he do with those vinedressers?

However, you have to go beyond sadness or pent-up anger. What is essential is the distance between God's project, which is called towards fruitfulness, and the scarce and bitter fruit of human perversion, which ends up leading to bitterness and death. From that distance or "disappointment" emerge clearly anthropomorphic expressions that speak of a "disillusioned" or "enraged" God.

Of course, the message does not end in disappointment. The denunciation of the prophets, and especially of the Prophet par excellence, Jesus Christ, is also an announcement that God had and has a better plan. Our God wants fruitfulness and life, and we can express ourselves by saying that he hurts at the sterility and death with which we have overshadowed his work, that we are ourselves.


The announcement of the new plan is already in the harsh words of Christ to his adversaries: “I tell you that the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and it will be given to people that will produce its fruits. “There is a scolding in this language, of course, but the cause is so clear that anyone can avoid it. It all consists in wondering what I am doing with what God has sown in me, that is, how I am cultivating my vineyard. The question, however, should not stay individually. Parents may wonder how I am growing my vineyard at home? People can examine themselves on the legacy of faith and culture they have received. Brothers, I invite you to reflect on these words, which the prophet has left for us today, let us therefore try to give the best of ourselves in all aspects in order to reap abundant fruits, especially in the faith and love that we need so much in these times of uncertainty.

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