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From the desk of Father Miguel Romero

CThe God Who Gives Life Just as we discover the strength of breath especially when we are very hungry and just as we taste the freshness of the source especially when we arrive full of thirst, so we also discover the power of God giving life when we have felt the strength of death. And death works in many ways: we learn that today we do too. The Word of God always treats death as an intruder. It has come by the work of sin and that is why when sin is overcome, thanks to the work of Christ, the power of death ceases.


These are the ideas that we find it as a common thread between this Sunday's readings. Another way to look at readings this Sunday is to read them under this key: "the tomb does not have the last word." The tomb is supposed to be the end of a life that is no longer so. We deposit the corpse knowing that nothing can be done by itself and that nothing will come out of it. It ceases of being "the" or a "she" and despite being an all, some offal or remains. That's why death is haughty because once it speaks its word no one can say anything else. Things change completely when God announces the beginning of a new story that springs from the tomb. It is the most repeated idea today: "I will open your graves and have you rise from them...." "the same one who raised Jesus from the dead will also give life to their mortal bodies" "Jesus shouted in a powerful voice: Lazarus, come outside!" In other words, the arrogance of death is broken by divine omnipotence. This Sunday's Gospel has one of the most difficult Greek verbs to translate.


Although the subject is profound we can address it a little and it will bring us a great teaching. It has to do with the weeping of Jesus and beyond, with his very attitude to death. Jesus "was sad." It sounds quite human but fails to explain why, saddened and now it seems sad, delayed voluntarily his presence next to Sick Lazarus, as John's text says. Brethren if Jesus overcame death and brought Lazarus back to life, so he shows us how great his love for us and his power is in the face of death and whatever we may be going through, as now that we are living all these difficult times, this lack of food, let us have faith because God is always watching over us and our needs. Let us return to Him, for it is time to intensify prayer and ask that all this may end soon and we will see again the glory of our Lord, just as He resurrected Lazarus from death, so that he will resurrect us with him.