From the desk of  Father Jose del Carmen Moreno


Welcome and Hospitality Abraham and Sarah are happy to serve and house these three Wanderers sent from God. The same is found in the Gospel, the hospitality Jesus received in the part of Martha and Mary at the house of his friend Lazarus. Hence, with our welcome and hospitality we can fulfill three works of mercy: to feed the hungry, to give a drink to the thirsty and to give welcome. My gratitude and appreciation to this community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, for its hospitality and welcome. To Father José Castillo, my companion while preparing for the priesthood, thank you for your friendship, kindness and welcome. May God continue to bless you in such a beautiful task of shepherd and guidance of this little flock that the Lord has entrusted under the maternal protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whose feast we have celebrated with great rejoicing.


Likewise, Father Miguel thank you for your friendship and company and to be able to share your priestly experiences. To the deacons servants of the Lord and of this parish community in such a noble mission entrusted. To the much loved and appreciated secretaries of the parish office in such a dedicated work at the service of the parish community. To the different ministries and apostolic groups who are preparing to better serve the Lord and his brethren. May God fill them with many blessings and Our Lady of Mount Carmel continues to embrace them under his maternal love. I leave for Colombia with the joy of having felt welcomed like a child with affection and appreciation from all of you. A thousand blessings.


P. José del Carmen Moreno Rodríguez.

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