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Message from Deacon Tim Schulz

Do We See the “Light of the World?” It is important that we ask Jesus during this difficult time to heal the blindness in us. In particular our failure to see the suffering and need in those close to us; those we call our “family” and our “friends,” our fellow parishioners. In the first reading from the book of Samuel, we see the importance of not judging by the outward appearance of the person, but looking to the interior and what makes up the heart. When we look only at the outside, we are blinded and don’t have sight of the true person. How often do we look at a person we are unfamiliar with and form an opinion of them? It seems to me that when we do this we are taking the easy way out, because we do not have to work to know the person if we only know the exterior.


God made us in His image and likeness. He made us to live in communion with one another, just as He lives in communion with the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity. This living in community requires us to work on relationships in order to get past the exterior and gain access to the heart of the person. Communion is important not only with those we call our friends and family, but also with strangers; because when we don’t make the effort to enter into communion we remain blind to who and what Jesus is in our lives. Jesus is the light of the world, and just like the blind man in the gospel, we must all come to see and know him in stages. At first, the blind man only sees him as the man called Jesus.


Then he see Jesus as a Prophet. After the Pharisees remove the man from the temple, he has another encounter with Jesus, and is asked: “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” It is at this point that the man who was blind responds with a profound profession of faith, he answers: “I do believe, Lord,” and he worshipped Him. It is at this point the man acknowledges the divinity of Jesus!! During this time when we are unable to receive our Lord in the Eucharist, it is important that we seek Christ in our brothers and sisters; through service to those in need. We must also keep close to Him by praying with the scriptures, but most importantly, we must open our hearts, minds, and souls to His presence; and the peace He will give us in knowing that even during these difficult times, He will never abandon us!! Peace and Blessings!! 

Deacon Tim