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                                                                              "For He satisfies the longing

                                                                               soul, and the hungry soul,

                                                                               He fills with good things." 

From the desk of Deacon Tim Schulz

“The Invitation”


If we sit and read today’s gospel prayerfully, we will notice that the King stands for God, The wedding feast stands for the kingdom of God. The invited guests stand for the chosen people, who made a covenant with God. And finally, the substitute guests stand for the sinners and the Gentiles of Jesus’ time. They are the people who accepted Jesus after God’s chosen people rejected Him.


The parable of the wedding feast is about our response to God’s call. It cautions us first of the dangers of indifference. When the Father invites us into a relationship with His Son, we can either choose to respond or we can quietly decline the invitation and go back to our personal pursuits as though nothing has changed and no new demands have been placed on our lives.

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Mass Schedule
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Quiet Desk


General COVID Protocol

Wear Masks: Face-coverings are to be worn around the church.

Utilizar cubre boca: Debera usar cubre boca cuando esta adentro y alrededor de la Iglesia.


Stay 6 ft apart: Physical distancing is practiced on the church property.

Mantener 6 pies de distancia: Debera practicar la distancia adentro de la Iglesia y a sus alrededores.

Holy Eucharist: Communion will be distributed only in the hand.

Santa Eucaristia: La comunión será distribuida solamente en la mano.


Sign of peace: No hand shakes during the sign-of-peace.

Signo de la Paz: No debemos dar la mano cuando el signo de la paz.


Tithing: Large boxes are located around the courtyard for your envelopes or donations.

Ofrenda: Tendremos cajas de madera alrededor de la Iglesia si gusta dejar sus ofrendas o sobres.


Online Mass

Sunday Mass will be transmitted live through Facebook

Misas por Internet

Las misas de domingo serán transmitidas por internet a través de Facebook


San Ysidro council # 10352 of the Knights of Columbus is inviting men over 18 years of age and practicing Catholic to participate on our council for church and community activities,

for additional information contact: Oscar Medina, GK (619) 370-2749,

Hector Romero, FS (619) 621-4815


El consejo # 10352 de San Ysidro invita a hombres mayores de 18 años de edad y que sean católicos practicantes a unirse a nuestro consejo para participar en las diversas actividades

al servicio de la iglesia y comunidad de San Ysidro,

para mayor información comunicarse a: Oscar Medina, GC (619) 370-2749,

Hector Romero, SF (619) 621-4815,

Reporting Sexual Abuse. Complaints about sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or by the parish of Catholic school employee or volunteer can be made by contacting Mary Acosta at (858) 490-8353 or at Please visit for more information.

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